Team PZ’s History

Team PZ History

The Early Days

Team PZ began in August 2012 on the release of Guild Wars 2 by a close group of competitive gamers who had been anticipating the games release for years. Immediately upon launch we quickly became known as an undefeated powerhouse in Automated Tournament PvP.

As time went on and the Guild Wars 2 PvP scene developed, Team PZ players have competed in multiple major tournaments and events. Notable of these are the Tournament of Legends online competitions, the All-Stars event during Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, and the qualifiers for the Guild Wars 2 World Tournament Series.

A Team Forged by Time

Throughout the years the Team PZ roster has undergone multiple changes as players naturally flocked to each other based on skill, personality, and performance together in both LAN & online tournaments. However, after years of competition the core players in Team PZ are still intact, and the veteran team continues to be a strong and recognizable brand in the Guild Wars 2 PvP scene and streaming community.

What’s Happening Now

Team PZ is currently competing in the Guild Wars 2 ESL Pro League circuit, in which we took 2nd in the first regular season. We tied for 3rd in the Pro League Season 1 Finals at the ESL Studio in Leicester, England in February 2016.

As the Guild Wars 2 competitive scene continues to rapidly grow, we look towards continuing to improve with ambitions of winning the world championship in Pro League season 2.

Tune in to watch us play in Guild Wars 2 Pro League live on the official channel every Monday starting March 21, 2016.

About The Publisher.Team PZ is a former pro Guild Wars 2 organization and avid contributor to Joingy. As an explanation, it’s a fast-paced site like Omegle or Chatroulette with full reviews of chat topics.