Forest of Niflhel – GW2 PvP Guide by Zoose

Hello again friends! It’s Zoose from Team PZ and today we’re analyzing Guild Wars 2 PvP strategy on Forest of Niflhel.

This is Part 2 of a 4-Part Guide I’ve published on Guild Wars 2 PvP & Solo Queue.

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Let’s go ahead and jump right in!

Part 2: Forest of Niflhel PvP Strategy and Rotations

After you’ve read my post on PvP Tiers, Team Comps & your Win Condition and you have an idea of what role you want to play, let’s go over the main competitive maps and how to rotate on each one.

Take a look at the Forest of Niflhel map:

forest of niflhel

Forest of Niflhel is a small sized map with a 25 point secondary objective boss on each side (Chieftain Blue and Svanir Red).

Forest is the best map for DPS-oriented team compositions.

The reason for this is because the map is so small, after you get a kill you can continue to get more kills and other cap points quickly before your enemies can respawn to help, creating a snowball effect. However, it does not favor dueling on the Far node as much since the enemy respawn is so close

Kills on home-point and Middle node are heavily rewarded, while far-point is more of a distraction than a priority.

Forest of Niflhel Strategy

Let’s say at the start of the game you are on Blue team and your Forest split is 1-3-1.

forest of niflhel markup

The first thing to notice is that the player that is going to far-point (Mine) has the most dangerous and almost equally long path to Far as mid-point (Keep).

Typically, the player going to Mine is going to take a lot of aggro and may not be able to make it there safely. Therefore, the job of the player who went to Mine should be to distract if he takes a 2v1 or more so that Keep and home-point (Henge) can win.

Alternatively, if the person at far-point wins the fight the best options in each scenario should be:

  • – Neutralize the point and go Mid if a fight is still ongoing
  • – Fully cap the point and take the next 1v1, but leave if it becomes 2v1
  • – Neutralize the point and go to Home if there is a big and close fight
  • – Kill Svanir if nothing else is going on in the map

As you can see when playing solo queue even if there isn’t communication, the map can tell you a lot of information to play off of.

So looking at the map consistently is INCREDIBLY important!

Team Fighting on Forest

Now what if you’re one of the 3 going to Keep?

Then your job is probably to be in a team fight, properly position, and play it out until you win. That will come with mechanical practice and positioning that you will be able to improve on the more you play.

The scenarios at Keep that you will most likely be in are:

  • A 3v3 or 4v4 team fight. If you this is your strength, then this is where you should be.
  • You are outnumbering Keep. You can either choose to wipe the enemy team there and go to another point, or match the numbers and play the skirmish game.
  • You are outnumbered Keep. Your job should be to live as long as possible without dying. If you do die, then it’s important to die on the cap point in order to keep it neutralized.
  • In the case where you win, it’s better to help home-point win next instead of pushing into Far node on Forest.

If your strength lies in team fighting, then you go where the team fight is. This is normally Mid, but not always. Continue to do that for the rest of the game, and keep attempting to put yourself in favorable matchups.

forest of niflhel markup

The person that holds Henge or Home in solo queue usually has either the easiest job or the hardest job. However, on a map like Forest, even if you die at home-point it isn’t as important as losing Keep because of how small the map is.

If we look back at the map above, the point from spawn into Henge is the closest on the map by a long shot.

So in theory, the person that is sent Home on Forest could be a really tanky class or just a good duelist if that’s the role you want to take.

The most important part of home-point is if 5 people are shown on the map you SHOULD NEVER sit on the point doing nothing. This happens all the time, and it’s infuriating and makes the game a legit 5v4.

Don’t do this on any node at any time. Look at the map!

Forest in a Nutshell:

Focus on kills and not points in order to snowball Mid and Home. Any Far node assaulter is just a distraction for Mid and Home to win. Home-point can be stalled out, have a duelist on it, or a sustained 2v2, etc.

If at any point in time you die, and this goes for any map, the first thing you should do is look at the map and go where you are needed.

Do NOT go into already losing fights.

Look at your teammate’s HP bars and the map for enemy down-states.

But wait, there’s more!

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About The Publisher.Team PZ is a former pro Guild Wars 2 organization and avid contributor to Joingy. As an explanation, it’s a fast-paced site like Omegle or Chatroulette with full reviews of chat topics.

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